Sri Lanka Brief Daily update- No reason for Sri Lanka anger at UN war panel -Ban

Posted in PRESS RELEASE by ustamil on July 1, 2010

Friday 02 July 2010
Torture in Sri Lanka

They hang me and beat me asking for robbery…

My son was tortured and killed …

Listen to their voices at

Human rights/


Sri Lanka trade concessions to be reviewed: US

The United States will review trade concessions granted to Sri Lanka under its Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) affecting 116 million US dollars of goods exported by the island, the US embassy in Colombo said.. Read More

US trade Concessions/ USGSP +
No reason for Sri Lanka anger at UN war panel -Ban

There is no reason for the Sri Lankan government’s angry reaction to the formation of a U.N. advisory panel on possible war crimes at the end of Sri Lanka’s war against rebels, the U.N. chief said on Wednesday.

Read More

UNSG panel/accountability
School text books defame Christians – Archbishop

"The history and geography programs used in schools and published by the Ministry contain conclusions that defame the Catholic Church, the Holy Father and Catholics”, denounces Mgr. Malcolm Ranjit, Archbishop of Colombo. Read More

Religious rights/ Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism
Hindu temples in East face forcible removal, destruction

Two Hindu temples in Trincomalee are earmarked for forcible removal by the Colombo government and another temple in Batticaloa is being subjected to Sinhala militarisation, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP for Batticaloa C.Yogeswaran told journalists in Batticaloa on Wednesday.Read More

Religious Freedom/ Sinhala Buddhist domination
Muslim school to function with Sinhala name in Trincomalee

Nallakuddiyaa’ru Muslim School has been given a Sinhalese name as Namalwatte Vidiyalayam without identifying it as a Muslim school. A Sinhalese woman Principal has been appointed with four Muslim teachers to Muslim students about 65. Read More

Religious freedom/ Sinhala Buddhist domination
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