200 days since Prageeth Eknaligoda Disappeared

Posted in PRESS RELEASE by ustamil on August 9, 2010

No 36– 09 Monday Aug 2010
15000 N.E kids study under trees – ARMY CAMPS MUSHROOM

Fifteen thousand school children in the North and East are compelled to study under trees since schools have been converted into IDP and transit camps and detention centres, while the government spends millions on military bases, education department sources said.

IDPs /Child Rights
Govt commended for KP’s transformation

If KP can be transformed, a very large number of people who worked against Sri Lanka can also be transformed," he said and added that he was making this statement after meeting KP twice, once last year, shortly after the arrest and then again this year.


LTTE detainees

Malaysian politician to form Committee on genocide in Sri Lanka

Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, and human rights advocate, Prof.Ramasamy, is to form an international committee to collect evidence on the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka, with the aim of presenting a case to the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Panel, a Malaysian companian site to the Sun newspaper said Sunday.

War crimes/ Tamil rights

200 days since Prageeth Eknaligoda Disappeared,

Tuesday 10th August 2010.A silent protest (sathyagraha) and seminar aimed at forcing the authorities to find disappeared Cartoonist and Columnist Prageeth Eknaligoda will be held on August 10, 2010.

Media rights/ abduction
JNU convention condemns Sri Lanka war crimes

"[C]onditions in Sri Lanka cannot improve unless the Tamils are given a respectful place in society as equal citizens. Unfortunately, that is not happening,” said Rajinder Sachar former Chief Justice on Delhi High Court in a conference on Sri Lanka’s war crimes held at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Thursday

War Crimes / Tamil rights
The Sovereign Right To Impunity

Impunity, which took root during the Eelam war behind the twin myths of humanitarian offensive and zero-civilian casualties, is spreading nation-wide….Now that the Advisory Council is on and the GSP+ facility is lost, external compulsions towards moderation have evaporated and the Siyatha attack may be followed by other acts of violent intolerance.

Rule of law / impunity

Microsoft Word – SLB daily update No 36- 09 Monday Aug 2010.pdf


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