Letter signed by 58 US lawmakers urging independent international investigation of Sri Lanka war

Posted in PRESS RELEASE by ustamil on August 12, 2010

No 39– 12 Thursday Aug 2010
Norway blamed for unwarranted haste in finalising CFA

Former head of the Peace Secretariat Ambassador Bernard Gunatilleke yesterday alleged that there had been a sense of urgency on the part of the Norwegian government to finalize a Ceasefire Agreement between then Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s government and the LTTE.

GOSL commission/

Peace process

Resolutions passed against governments of India, Tamil Nadu for disregarding Eezham Tamils

International journalists are not allowed by Rajapksa government to visit the war devastated Tamils in the North and East in Sri Lanka in order to hide its war crimes to the outer world. Their fate remains a mystery

Tamil Rights/ Indian advocacy
We do not accept decisions given by so-called courts martial – DNA

The court martial, called a ‘jungle court’ by the Supreme Court once, acts against, unjustifiably and in a prejudiced manner towards Gen.Sarath Fonseka and they are not prepared to accept its judgments states the DNA.–dna&catid=34:lead-news&Itemid=50

Rule of law/ General Fonseka
Mervyn Silva must be arrested and produced in courts

All that said, the Rajapaksa regime is duly acknowledged for its decision to remove Mervyn Silva from his Deputy Minister’s position and from the SLFP membership. For once President Rajapaksa has shown he is willing to concede to public pressure to politically punish one of his veteran foot soldiers, for doing things too shoddily and to arouse public anger.

Rule of law /

Minister Mervyn

Letter signed by 58 US lawmakers urging independent international investigation of Sri Lanka war

We are writing to express our concern about the post-conflict situation in Sri Lanka, and to urge the U.S. government to call an independent international investigation into alleged war crimes that occurred during Sri Lanka’s twenty-five year civil war.

War Crimes/ American advocacy
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