Youth abducted in Valikaamam escapes

Posted in PRESS RELEASE by ustamil on August 13, 2010

No 40– 13 Friday Aug 2010
Report Shows No Progress on Accountability – HRW

(New York) – A US State Department report released on August 11, 2010, shows that Sri Lanka has not yet conducted an effective investigation into laws-of-war violations by government forces and the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the final months of the war that ended in May 2009, Human Rights Watch said today.

Crimes against humanity/ US position
Youth abducted in Valikaamam escapes

Two unidentified men stopped a youth on motorcycle Tuesday night in Thellippazhai, located next to the High Security Zone (HSZ) of occupying Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in Valikaamam North and abducted him on his motorcycle.

Human rights/ abduction
An Appeal to the women’s movement against inhuman treatment

of a young woman on religious grounds

This is a narrative of the husband of the victim, a 17 year old woman with a two month old child, who was subjected to the horrible experience of being beaten about 100 times with the hard centre stem from a coconut frond in the presence of the committee members of the mosque situated in Gokarella in the district of Kurunagalle.

Women’s rights / religious discrimination
Police tear gas demo in Galle: Two MPs arrested

August 12, 2010: A protest was organised in Galle today by the Democratic National Alliance demanding that the democratic rights of the people be protected and also General Sarath Fonseka be released

Rule of law /

Right to protest

Strange proposals and broken promises: Constitutional reform in Sri Lanka

These are also issues flagged in this video, where Rohan expresses his impatience with ideas such as the post of an Executive Prime Minister, which he notes is not just confusing, but dangerous to boot since it actually enhances the powers of the President. Lamenting the inability of the UNP to come up with any viable constitutional reform proposals, Rohan also flags the dilemma of Tamil political parties in parliament and the future of power-sharing in Sri Lanka. .

Constitutional reform/ Executive Prime Minister
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