697 families with widows at Kanadawele in Killinochchi

Posted in PRESS RELEASE by ustamil on September 20, 2010

Sri Lanka Brief No 65– 21 Tuesday September 2010
Vice Chancellor’s Love Phobia Causes Uproar In Sri Jayewardenepura University – Six Female Students Sent For Virginity Test

Students of the Sri Jayewardenepura University claim that the Vice Chancellor, N. L. A. Karunaratne sent six girls for a virginity test. They say that the Vice Chancellor’s phobias are making their campus life miserable. ‘The girls were talking to boys on August 25 at about 6.30 p.m. as it often happens in campus life, when they were forcibly put into the campus ambulance …. ‘

Fundamentalism, Moral police/News
Sri Lanka war panel hears of Tamil disappearances

People in northern Sri Lanka have told a war inquiry that family members who served with the Tamil Tigers disappeared after surrendering.

LLRC, disappearances /news
Desecration of Saiva temples in upcountry escalates

The destruction and desecration of Saiva temples is reported to be on the increase in andy district. Since January this year about twenty Saiva temples have been plundered, desecrated and destroyed, Saiva community sources in the central province expressed serious concern.

Sinhala Buddhist hegemony / News
697 families with widows at Kanadawele in Killinochchi

altThere are 6957 families displaced due to the war in Kanadawele area at Killinochchi and women of 697 of these families are widows as a result of the war says Asst. District Secretary of Kanadawele N. Sathyaseelan.

Crimes against humanity / News
Pillaiyan states, permits for liquor shops should be refrain for distribution to Sinhalese.

Batticaloa Excise Department Superintendent made a statement that the Eastern rovincial Chief Minister Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan had threatened to kill him, if he issue permits to the Sinhalese for liquor shops in the Batticloa areas

Provincial councils , Eastern province/ News

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