UN panel admits international failure in Vanni war, calls for investigations

Posted in PRESS RELEASE by ustamil on April 18, 2011
Sri Lanka Brief Weekly Update 02 – Monday 18 April 2011
The leaked UN war crimes report: Key points and context

Groundviews flags below some highlights of this damning report, and places it alongside some other news article for context. Follow our tweets on this breaking story here.

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Sri Lanka leader urges protests against UN report

Sri Lanka’s president has called for mass protests against a UN report which urged a probe into alleged war crimes committed during the fight against Tamil Tiger rebels,.. President Mahinda Rajapakse said ..that this year’s May Day rally should be turned into a "show of our strength" against international calls for war crimes investigations

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Boyle reacts to UN report: "Creating Tamil Eelam, the only remedy"

"there is absolutely no way the GOSL is going to implement any of them [panel's recommendations], and the GOSL has already rejected all of them…. Therefore, under these circumstances…….., the only effective remedy the Tamil People now have is to create the State of Tamil Eelam and move to have the International Community recognize it."

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Forced to seek protection from Russia, China: Gotabaya Rajapaksha

Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday lashed out at the UN experts panel report ..and ..saying there was an agenda behind the report and if the United Nations cannot protect one of its member states, Sri Lanka will be forced to look for protection from Russia and China

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UN panel admits international failure in Vanni war, calls for investigations

"During the final stages of the war, the United Nations political organs and bodies failed to take actions that might have protected civilians," The Secretary-General should conduct a comprehensive review of actions by the United Nations system during the war in Sri Lanka and the aftermath, regarding the implementation of its humanitarian and protection mandates, said the report.

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Read the executive summary of the report here

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