Two New Books from Manjula Wediwardena

Posted in PRESS RELEASE by ustamil on January 7, 2012

The journalist, writer and poet  Manjula Wediwardena’s  5th collection of poetry as Ehala Emathumakata Eharemi  (Awaking from a summon of summer) and the new collection of short Stories as Shuddhawu Judas ( Saint Judas) are now published

In 1997 author published a book called Niruththara Samaadhiya (Hopeless Trance) with Shane Mackelvie and then in order he published  Pilihuduvi (Kingfisheress ),  Madhusandini Madhu Vitha (Glass of Wine from the Honeymoon ), Mathrukaavak Nethi Maathru Bhoomiya hewath Demala Kavi (Motherland that lost the Land).

The Collection of short stories called Mary nam wu Maria  ( Mariya called Mary) was to be published on year 2000, from the Sri Lanka Catholic Bishops conference has complained to Criminal Investigation Department  (CID) through the minister of cultural Lakshman Jayakodi , as a result they arrested all the books with the author. However the unpublished book is permanently banned in Sri Lanka.

The Ehala Emathumakata Eharemi is included with 50 poems is  published by Fast publishers, Maradana and front cover design from Ravindra Thenuwara . Also the Shuddha wu Judas cover design  from Prasad samarasekara and published by Suriya publishers, Maradana.


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