Tamils want only dhal not devolution – JVP

Posted in PRESS RELEASE by ustamil on April 24, 2012

SriLankan Brief

Lankan Tamils for political solution

The popular emotion among the Tamils and the parties representing them in Sri Lanka was that a political solution to the ethnic crisis should be found within the framework of an united Sri Lanka (SL), CPM Member of Parliament T K Rangarajan said here on Sunday.

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Tamils want only dhal not devolution – JVP

”The Gampaha District MP said that according to their sources the northern people did not ask for 13 plus or anything like that. Instead, they wanted dhal at affordable prices, he said.

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President again pledges 13 Plus to India

Swaraj makes claim at news conference but presidential spokesman refuses comment; LSSP, CP call for maximum implementation of LLRC recommendations; President Mahinda Rajapaksa will enforce provisions of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and “go beyond it,” India’s Opposition Leader Sushma Swaraj said yesterday.

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MR’s 13A plus assurance: Govt. disputes Indian claim

The Sri Lankan Government yesterday strongly denied a statement attributed to Indian Opposition Leader, Sushma Swaraj that her delegation had received an assurance from President Mahinda Rajapaksa of his commitment to the 13th Amendment and his readiness to go even beyond it.

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The legitimate needs of Tamil people for equality, dignity, justice and self-respect in Sri Lanka – Sushma Swaraj

I am happy to lead the All-Party delegation of Parliamentarians from India on this important visit to Sri Lanka. We are happy to meet you and share our impressions from this visit. I would like to start by introducing my colleagues from the delegation.

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Tamil Eelam is for Tamil Nadu politicians what the full moon is for hungry wolves -The Hindu

Tamil ‘Eelam’ is for Tamil Nadu politicians what the full moon is for hungry wolves. All their howling is indicative, not of any yearning for a distant, dreamy Eelam, but of the baser urges of the politics of the here-and-now.

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Sri Lanka rejects call to withdraw army from north

Sri Lanka’s president has rejected a call by Indian legislators to withdraw soldiers from the island’s former war zone in the north where minority Tamils are concentrated, his spokesman said Sunday. President Mahinda Rajapakse told a delegation of visiting Indian lawmakers that troops could not be pulled out despite the end of the decades-long Tamil separatist war in 2009.

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Anti-Indian propaganda intensifies in Sri Lanka after UN vote

Since India voted in favour of a US-sponsored resolution on Sri Lankan human rights abuses at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) last month, sections of the political and media establishment in Colombo have initiated a campaign of anti-Indian propaganda.

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Indian leadership miffed by Rajapaksa defiance wanted to rap Colombo on the knucklesSeema Sengupta

India’s decision to vote in favor of a United States sponsored UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution censuring the Sri Lankan government for alleged Human Rights aberration during the ethnic conflict has raised several eyebrows.

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Kilinochchi town -What is taking place in the Town? Development or Destruction

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse’s son and Sri Lankan parliamentarian Namal Rajapakse says that he will turn the Kilinochchi town like the Hambanthota town of the Rajapakse family. Three years have passed since the Sinhala army captured the town of Kilinochhci.

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Political violence: Mevyn and T 20

Mervyn challenges SLFP CC to try and take action

SLFP General Secretary, Minister Maithripala Sirisena said that there were two disciplinary enquiries instituted against Public Affairs Minister Mervyn Silva. One was regarding the allegations of extortion levelled against him by members of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha, including the chairman.

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No one can go above Mervyn in Kelaniya

Every Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) activity in the Kelaniya electorate should be conducted through the electoral organizer, Minister of Economic Development Basil Rajapaksa said. This includes all activities including development projects, he said.

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395 males rounded up in Wanathamulla; 25 arrested after abduction attempt failed

A 1000 strong Special Task Force (STF) and police contingent unleashed excessive force and dished out collective punishment as they rounded up 395 male residents of T 20 Watta, and Seewali Patumaga, Wanathamulla, yesterday.

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Foreign policy: GL group on offensive but loosing

SL delegation to Washington includes Namal and Sajin Vas

The Sri Lankan delegation to Washington DC in May, in response to an invitation by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to further engage on reconciliation processes and accountability issues will include External Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris, Ministry of External Affairs Monitoring MP SajinVaasGunewardane, UPFA Hambantota District MP NamalRajapaksa and Presidential Secretary LalithWeeratunge, Ceylon Today learns.

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Destroying Confidence; Who was the young lady?Prof Rajiva Wijesinha

Last week, I was told, a mysterious lady approached the President while he was at a funeral, knelt at his feet, and came out with a terrifying story. …..Young and rich and beautiful, I believe she had long raven locks and sparkling dimples.

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If the resolution not implemented second resolution will come – Tamara

”This resolution is only a first step.. If, by March 2013, the Government does not implement the LLRC, but, more importantly, if it does not take the additional measures required of it, then we may see a call for implementation of Recommendaton 1 (B) of the Darusman Panel, the immediate establishment by the Secretary-General of an independent international investigative and monitoring mechanism, ….”

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Not having a HR ministry is a greatest blunderProf.Rajiva Wijesinha

”One of the greatest blunders we suffered from was the failure to ensure, after the 2010 election, a Ministry dedicated to Human Rights. I was at fault myself here, for when I was told by the Secretary to the President that this would come under the Foreign Ministry, I thought that an acceptable solution since I believed the Minister had vision as well as commitment in this regard.
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Sinhalaisation: Dambulla Mosque incident aftermath

Sri Lanka orders mosque move after Buddhist protest

The Sri Lankan government ordered a mosque relocated on Sunday after Buddhist monks said the 50-year-old structure had been built illegally in an area sacred to Buddhists and threatened to demolish it.

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Mosque attack : Those in top rungs of Govt. behind it – Muslim Congress Secretary and M.P. Hassen Ali

Muslim Congress Secretary and M .P Hassen Ali told Lanka e News that the Muslim mosque which had been in existence for the last 50 years at Dambulla coming under attack while the army and police officers were standing idle and watching is clearly because they are being supported by those at high places in the Govt.

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Muslims decry radical Buddhist mosque attack

The main umbrella group of Sri Lankan Muslims says radical Buddhists are trying to damage peaceful co-existence between the country’s main ethnic communities. The statement came three days after hardline Buddhists tried to storm a mosque, after which the government said it would be demolished and relocated.

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Other – abductions & killings

Tamil student abducted, killed near SL military zone in Jaffna

18-year-old Sivalingam Sivakumaran, a student from Kerudaavil village in Vadamaraadchi North of Jaffna district, was found slain inside a bush, 2 km away from his house on Wednesday. The Tamil student was abducted five days ago, on 13 April after 6:00 p.m., when he had left his house towards the historic Chelvach-channithi temple, according to the family of the victim.

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FR petitioner dies in police custody

An individual who had filed a fundamental rights petition against the Wadduwa police OIC died on Sunday (15) while in police custody, police spokesperson SP Ajith Rohana told Ceylon Today Online. “He had fainted in the Wadduwa police cell and was thereafter admitted to the Panadura hospital and died upon admission,” SP Rohana said.

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