Buddhist fascism in Sri Lanka?

Posted in PRESS RELEASE by ustamil on May 8, 2012

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Weekly News Summary: Whither Ministry of External Affairs

Sri Lanka Brief 10 features/analysis/News of the week

Geneva and after: Whither Ministry of External Affairs

Last week Ambassador Tamara Kumnanayagam gave number of interviews to SL private media refusing to leave her position in Geneva. Tamara told D.B.S. Jeyaraj that foreign minister G.L. Peiris want her to leave Geneva and take up a poison in Latin America. In unprecedented move in the field of Sri Lanka Foreign Service she openly challenged her Minister Peiris and indirectly attacked Minister Mahinda Samarasinge.

Aftermaths of the Geneva resolution have generated a deep crisis within the External Affaires ministry of Sri Lanka and seem to be developing in to a head-on clash.

Ministry of Foreign Affair’s issued a statement (25 April) denying charges levelled in the article ‘Intrigues by the Ministry of External Affairs‘ published by Member of Parliament Prof. Rajiva Wijesinghe. Again on 06th May Ministry rejected Ambassador’s Kunanayakam’s claim that it has sent a letter informing her of removal or transfer.

The two factions were named in a hard hitting article published in the Daily Mirror (12 April) by foreigner who is privy to inside knowledge of Sri Lanka Mission in Geneva. It named Minster Samarasinghe, Secretary of the External Affairs Ministry Kshenuka Seneviratne, Former AG Mohan Peiris, monitoring M.P. for External Affairs Ministry Sajin Vas Gunawardana as collaborators of the west. Minister of External Affairs, Prof. G.L. Peries, and Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative, Tamara Kunanayakam (and Dayan Jayatilleka) were named as the principled and visionary faction.

Minister Samarasinghe responded to the said article in a lengthy interview in the state sanctioned Sunday Observer. He rejected many of its claims and countered achievements claimed by Kunannaykam.

The conflict was brewing within External Affaires ministry for a long time and surfaced after the defeat in Geneva. Soon after, Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka was asked to show case on some financial irregularities at the embassy. He fired back saying that ‘The External Affairs Ministry Are Liars.‘ After Ambassador Jayatilleka’s opening salvo against the Ministry of foreign Affairs which included an indirect warning on the white van syndrome, the baton was passed to Prof. Rajiva Wijesinghe.

As a response to charges levelled at Ambassador Jayatilleka an article on fraud and finical irregularities that has taken place under Ksenuka’s term as the Ambassador to Geneva was published in number of web sites. It was clear that information was leaked by the SL mission in Geneva.

He fired left and right and took some direct shots at Kshenuka Seneviratne. In one of his articles he talked about a raven haired young lady who has been politically naughty. He wanted the ministry to find her because she tells tales to the President on ministers and diplomats. He concluded that finding her out ‘may open up a can of worms, but it is better to do that than to keep allowing them to be used as bait to entrap us all.’ Now it has transpired that the lady he refers is none other than Kshenuka Senavirathna who met the President at the funereal of the Air Force Commander’s father few weeks ago. His articles ‘Not having a HR ministry is a greatest blunder’ and ‘Where responsibility lies for the President being let down’ were both aimed at defending Dayan and attacking the Samarasinghe fraction.

Right now Minister G.L. Peiris seems to be moving away form the Dayan – Tamara – Rajiva faction. His whole entourage to US state department consists of the so called ‘collaborators: Kshenuka Senavirathna, M.P. Sajin Vas Gunawardana, M.P. Namal Rajapaksha (said to be close pals) and Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa.

Sri Lanka Brief 10 News/ features/analysis of the week


LTTE Flag: Clips came from Defence Ministry- ITN

ITN Chairman Rosmand Senaratne has informed UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake that the video clips telecast on his TV channel showing a group of men waving LTTE flags were provided by the Defence Ministry, party sources said yesterday. In a letter addressed to UNP General Secretary Mr. Senaratne had said no one from the ITN had covered the event. Read more »

Sampanthan slams President for silence over arrests in East

TNA leader R. Sampanthan yesterday urged the government to explain the circumstances leading to a series of arrests in the Eastern Province, particularly in the Trincomalee District. An irate Trincomalee District MP accused the government of failing to respond to a letter he had recently written to President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Read more »

EU wants fair trial for long term detainees in Sri Lanka

The European Union has called for a fair trial for long term detainees in Sri Lanka. Chair of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with countries in South Asia, Jean Lambert, has told Xinhua that the EU parliament’s position on long term detainees in Sri Lanka is that they should be either charged or released. Read more »

Catholic Bishops Conference wants govt to implement LLRC recommendations

”CBCSL acknowledges that every document formulated within given historical circumstances necessarily contains limitations. Hence, no document can meet all the expectations and answer the needs of everyone. However, the LLRC Report, particularly its recommendations, does contain much potential and hope for the future.” Read more »

Parts of Batticaloa are worse than Vanni in ‘normalcy’

While the West and India have stopped talking about the East, and try to project an image that ‘normalcy’ has returned to the East and the North also should follow suit in the same directions, large parts of Batticaloa are silently kept under conditions worse than that of Vanni for the last five years, news sources in the East said. Read more »

13 A not in Mahida chinthanaya, Tamils don’t have right to self goven, PSC is not final – Basil Rajapaksha

Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa who is once again playing a central role in directing India-Sri Lanka relations last week refused to clarify whether President Rajapaksa had promised a visiting Indian delegation to implement the 13th Amendment in full. Excerpts from the interview:

Read more »

Wanted Radaliyagoda in UPFA May day procession

Sudharman Radaliyagoda , the suspect whom the SL police had not been able to take into custody , was a participant in the May day rally procession on the 1st of May under the leadership of the SL President , , and therefore must be most concerned about enforcement and implementation of the rule of law of the country. Read more »

Congress MPS seek implementtion of 13th A

Indian Congress MPs, who were part of the delegation that visited Sri Lanka recently, have demanded India’s intervention in ensuring political empowerment of minority Tamils by implementing the historic 13th Amendment, holding talks with various political parties there.

Read more »


Buddha wept as we beat our women by Hans Billimoria

54% of adolescent girls in Sri Lanka feel that a husband is justified in beating his wife. The UNICEF Global Report Card on Adolescents 2012 however is not available yet to try and unpack this further. What do they mean? Read more »

Regime’s Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism is the main factor providing it mass suppor Dr. Vickramabahu Karunararatne

The economic consequences of the decisions made by the Mahinda regime, to satisfy the international money lenders, are becoming intolerable. Apart from those who contribute to the Sinhala Buddhist ideology of the regime and those who are profiting by the regime’s excesses, the rest fight on a daily basis without much coordination, to cope with the rising cost of living. Read more »

Jaffna May Day: Chances taken and opportunities missed

”Political leaders should also note that Mr. Sampanthan, who was very much on the LTTE hit list, is treading a difficult path, bravely struggling to moderate Tamil aspirations amidst heavy criticism from hardline Tamils, while attempting to negotiate a solution to this vexed problem.” By Javid Yusuf
Read more »

Mobs, Monks and the Problems of Political-Buddhism by Kalana Senavirthna

It is always a curious and odd little matter, to witness how even Buddhists become so obsessively attached to ‘sacred’ lands and in protecting them, commit acts seemingly prompted by hatred, delusion and ill-will. Ideally, lands should not become ‘sacred’ for simple reasons. The Buddha, in attacking the rigid and unethical caste-system during his time, placed great stress on the importance of deeds or action. Read more »

Buddhist fascism in Sri Lanka?

It sounds like an oxymoron, but it is starting to smell that way. The controversy over destruction of a mosque near the Golden Temple of Dambulla—a Buddhist cave-temple in central Sri Lanka which has been a pilgrimage destination since the third century, and is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site—bears echoes of the 1992 destruction of the Babri Mosque in Ayodhya, India, which ultimately led to the Gujarat genocide. Read more »

Rajapaksa’s bad gamble

”Southasian countries should no longer believe that their foreign policy goals can be achieved solely through arrangements with Indian leaders in New Delhi. Nor should the examples cited above make them shudder at the new complications in their policies toward India. These new dynamics have promoted more inclusive regional diplomacy. ” Read more »

The Indian delegation makes people sit up and take note of its sincere attempts to gauge the Sri Lankan situation.

MEMBERS of Parliament from across the developed world love Sri Lanka. In just under two months, individual members or delegations from Canada, England and the United States have visited the country, lectured to its politicians, holidayed in the sunny beaches, and gone back. Read more »


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