Is BBC guilty of Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka?

Posted in PRESS RELEASE by ustamil on May 17, 2012


The latest Country Profile on Sri Lanka compiled by the BBC makes its readers to suspect if the BBC is at least Guilty of aiding, if not directly involved in the crime of abetting the Sinhala Chauvinist Government of Sri Lanka in the Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

The BBC is certainly the best and world renowned Broadcaster since the days of the World War II and has earned a stature and credibility to an extent that none other can claim match. Be it in the field of news, Documentaries, fact or fiction, the BBC has an unrivalled tradition of quality and credibility.
But all these have been belied by its recently published Country Profile on Sri Lanka, which surprisingly starts the history of the Island with the arrival of the Indo- Aryan settlers in the 5th Century B.C., and the emergence of the Sinhalese race. Evidently, the Sinhala race was not in existence at this time of history, a truth the present day Sinhalese is not at ease to accept.

The BBC profile compilers have succumbed to the whims and fancies of the Sinhala chauvinism by recording the arrival of the Tamil Settlers in 3rd Century B.C. which is not the whole truth. This raises the question what has happened to the age old Historical records found in the Buddhist Chronicles like Mahavamsa and Chulavamsa which the native and western oriented Historians have accepted the existence of two tribes called the Yakkas and the Nagas at the time, the said Indo-Aryan settlers made this Island their homeland. How come the BBC started the history from 5th Century BC ?
The BBC has come in constant attacks by sections of people on grounds of biased or incorrect reporting of news and events. So, one has to admit that the BBC like many other International bodies like the UN and the ICRC is maligned and infected with cancerous cells considering the symptoms and syndromes that surface in these bodies at times.
Having listed the Sinhalese settlers as the earliest arrivals, it has ranked the Tamil settlers as the secondary migrants from India in 3rd Century B.C. Thus the concerns of the Sinhala Chauvinism appears to underly to outsmart the cry for Traditional Homeland of the Tamils and nullify the their demand for a separate state.
The World and the Tamils of Ceylon have witnessed the beginning of the process of Genocide with the start of the state aided Sinhala colonisation schemes in the Eastern Province at Kantalai and Gal Oya in 1930s when Mr.D.S. Senenayake was the Minister for Irrigation and lands before Independence. Ironically this same Racist Senanayake became the First Prime Minister after Independence in 1948 and hailed the Father of the Nation(?) to date.
Time and again the Tamil and Muslim Leaders were duped to believe in a brotherhood that was non-existent in the vocabulary of the Sinhala counterparts who systematically stripped off all the legal and structural safeguards the Minorities enjoyed under the British Constitutions.
The first Act of Legislation the Indian and Pakistani Registraion Act dis-enfranchised 900,000 voters of the Hill Country Tamils of Indian Origins and the Sinhalese gained a decisive majority over the minorities in Parliament making matters easy for all the discriminatory laws enacted to this very minute. The Perodical pograms out lashed on the Tamils since 1958 and the worst one in July 1983 let loose an Exodus of desperate Tamil Victims seeking refuge in countries world over.

The JR regime was very happy to get rid of a population which it had never wished to have only rejoiced at the speed of the exodus of the Tamils with its toungue in the cheek. This earned in response a wrath in Tamils to choose the path of violence to win over the lost rights fighting tooth and nail the Sinhalese has already resorted to. History repeats so goes a saying and the Tamils now witness what followed the fall of the Pandara Vannian and Kandyan Kingdoms , as outcome of the fall of Velupillai Prabakaran and the LTTE. The 1833 Donoughmore Constitution and annexation of Tamil areas to Sinhala regions saw the part decimation of the Tamil Homeland by peaceful dubious politics.
The defeat of the LTTE in 2009 through war and massacre of hundreds of thousand Civillian Tamils results in the structural cultural and economic Genocide with the full support of India , US,UK and EU. While as willing partners in the war these countries in shame and dishonour watch the crimes in disbelief, the losers shot in killing fields, suffering in undisclosed torture centres . and barbed Wire coil fenced open detention camps , exposed to elements far away from their once own sweet homes.
Three years have gone after the end of the war euphemistically called a Humanitarian one against LTTE Terrorism, the tragedy continues for the vanquished Tamil people unabated. War has ended and the so-called Nation rebuilding of the Sinhalese Buddhist Sri Lanka by Colonising the lands of the Tamils and Muslims of the North and East with Sinhalese settlers has begun. Newly erected Buddha Statues , Buddhist Temples , Army Camps hail the birth of One Nation One People ideology while the original inhabitants are driven to the streets and under constant watchful eyes of the Mighty Regime of Mahinda Rajapakse.
All these inhuman atrocities in the name of peoples’ Democracy are perpetrated on the Hindu, Christian and Muslim Tamils as the International Community watches with crossed fingers. Tamil women are exposed to sexual molestation, and the security of the innocent civilians is under constant watchful torturing eyes of the security forces.
Today the life of the Bishop of Mannar is at stake for having voiced his concerns for the 146,679 people missing. According to records of the SL Government Agent offices of Mullaiththeevu and Ki’linochchi districts, the population of Vanni was 429,059 in October 2008. The total number of people who got into SL government control after the war was 282,380, according to UN update as of 10 July 2009. “civilians missing based on He has committed the worst crime of speaking the truth and for the Tamils, a matter the Sinhala Government desperately wants to sweep under the carpet of History. It is no secret that the Indian Government is more concerned to conceal these facts than the Sri Lankan Government for its shameful partnership in the Miullivaikal Massacre.
The last thing these Governments that willingly partook in the war want to hear is the word GENOCIDE. The Sri Lankan Government is so desperate to see the last of the Tamils in its Territories it had captured by this war. In both case the writing on the wall is clear for the Tamils. It is the end of their road in History. Persist and Prevail or peacefully Perish.For the Eelam Tamils is a question of life and death while for others the achievement of their individual interests.
In their pursuit of this unholy exercise, the UN, USA, EU and the International Governments stand in shame for the acts of Individuals and Governments that contributed to the commitment of war crimes and crimes against Humanity in the Sri Lankan conflict. One sees the BBC profile is another such shameful acts of concealing facts and compounding the crimes committed.
The BBC has time and again exposed valuable archaeological findings excavated throughout the lenghth and breadth of the Island Country as evidence of Tamil settlements in that Island from Pre historic times. The excavations in 1970s at Kandarodai and Anaicoddai in the Jaffna District have been traced to the Mohanjadaro peiod is a proof of Tamils as aboriginal people in the Island.
The UNESCO Courier of March 1984 carried this message. Quote “The Tamils are an ancient people. Their history had its beginnings in the rich alluvial plains near the southern extremity of peninsular India which included the land mass known as the island of Sri Lanka today. The island’s plant and animal life (including the presence of elephants) evidence the earlier land connection with the Indian sub-continent. So too do satellite photographs which show the submerged ‘land bridge’ between Dhanuskodi on the south east of the Indian sub-continent and Mannar in the north west of the island. Some researchers have concluded that it was during the period 6000 B.C. to 3000 B.C. that the island separated from the Indian sub continent and the narrow strip of shallow water known today as the Palk Straits came into existence. Many Tamils trace their origins to the people of Mohenjodaro in the Indus Valley around 6000 years before the birth of Christ.”

As late as March 27,2012 BBC world Service Tamil, aired an interview with the world famous expert in deciphering Indus Valley scripts, Mr. Iravatham Mahadevan on the archaeological finds excavated by German Researchers in Tissamaharagma area in southern Sri Lanka, confirmed the collection of old coins with Tamil inscriptions.
Potsherd found in Tissamaharama
In his audio interview has given detailed archaeological evidences found in all parts of Tamil Homeland and confirmed the Text in the potsherds is in the text of Tamils of North Ceylon. The excavations still continue though out of media exposure in an effort to avoid embarrassments to the Government and the majority Sinhala people who are actively engaged in transforming the Tamil Homeland onto a Sinhala land.

Having taken note of above facts, one still wonders if the BBC is Guilty or not guilty of the crimes.



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