Was Mullivaikal Massacre a War or a Vendetta? Eric Solheim has lot more to answer!

Posted in PRESS RELEASE by ustamil on May 21, 2012

T.Ethirmanna singam

There is no Sri Lankan Tamil that has not rejoiced when Mr. Eric Solheim inaugurated the first meeting in Indonesia between the GoSl and the LTTE in 2002. Today no Sri Lankan Tamil would dare to wish that day should ever have come. Mr. Solheim’s concerns of the Eelam Tamils voiced at a gathering in Oslo on 15th May 2012 need to be viewed seriously with prejudice to none.

The more Mr.Solheim had taken pains to proof his sincerity and spent hours and mints of his words, the less a pitiable postion he places himself unwittingly. The Eelam Tamils will magnanimously forgive him, for the Tamils are known for their believe in Karma and the proverbial saying that to err is human. The Tamils have no trouble in treating the ilk of Mr.Solheim as Humans. Ironically, he and his likes in the International Diplomatic sphere do not treat or regard the Eelam Tamils as Humans except for the purpose of naming a Genocide as a Humanitarian War

Eelam Tamils will forgive Mr.Solheim, the International Community and even Mrs.Sonia Gandhi who had taken the Indian Nation to avenge the Eelam Tamils for her personal Vendetta. But First Mrs. Sonia Ghandi should prove beyond any reasonable doubt to the world by an International Judicial Commission open investigation that the LTTE or its persons Assassinated her Husband Mr.Rajiv Ghandi.

One has to doubt the veracity of the statement by Mr.Solheim, “Of course we knew that Pirapaharan killed Rajiv Gandhi when we kept working in Sri Lanka. […] We knew how it happened, why it happened and all that. That is not a reason not to talk to Pirapaharan.”

Mr.Solheim had the previllege of meeting and speeking to Mr.Prabakaran which not all including the author have ever had. But the investigations into the assignation conducted by the Government of India have so many flaws and unanswered questions including tampering of witnesses and evidences. A widespread criticism against the verdicts freely floods theIndian Mass media even now.

In such an atmosphere Mr.Solheim making a sweeping statement implicating Mr.Prabakaran who is no more with us to speak of the crime, is atrocious and blasphemous. He has further apparently justified the Mullivaikaal Massacre saying Sonia is an influential politician in the Congress Party of India and hence not to be taken lightly. This sort of argument is unbecoming of a western Dignitary who had been entrusted with a task of resolving a burning Political issue as a Peace Talks Faciliataor between two warring Parties.

It is very unfortunate that one time facilator of peace talks for a political settlement between the warring parties, has now chosen to speak on behalf of the International Community and advocate for a unitary set up and against the core issue of conflict of the Eelam Tamils. Little has he realised that the LTTE started the armed struggle after all peaceful political protests by the Tamils Political Parties were crushed with military might by the ruling Sinhala Governments.

One has to doubt the integrity and dexterity of Mr Solhem to see him talking of Multi-cultural, multiracial, and multi-religious social fabric in Sri Lanka especially after the world having witnessed a bloody war and the inhuman living conditions the Tamil people are made to suffer under Army Rule.

Erik Solheim

The Tamils are grateful for his words , “I must start by saying that this is something Tamils themselves should decide upon and no outsider could give any absolute assessment. It is the Tamil movement in Sri Lanka itself and in the exile, who should assess what should be the way ahead.

One is at a loss to understand the logic of Mr, Solheim saying that the Tamils themselves should decide upon and no outsider could give any absolute assessment, while advocating at the same time a Unitary State , an option the ruling Sinhalese have found untenable to share with the Tamils as equal partners.

What I can give is a friendly assessment on where the Tamils in Sri Lanka are standing now, and adds
“Very often, the Tamils ask the International Community to intervene into Sri Lanka to contribute to improvements and changes in Sri Lanka. Also, it is also question of how the Tamils themselves could extend a hand to the international community so that it [the intervention] happens.

“Sri Lanka is a strange place. I don’t know about any another place where there is a constant desire that foreign forces should come in and contribute to find a solution to the conflict, where at the same time everyone who attempts a solution get tarnished and get constantly reviled. “

All these sweet words the Tamils surely deserve at this juncture especially, when their kith and kins in hundreds of thousands have lost their lives. Hundreds of Thousands more are still incarcerated in detention camps and in their places of dewellings by the Republic of Social Democratic State of Sri Lanka. Having lost everything thing they have cherished for ages and the respect as human beings many may perhaps thank him for his generous contribution in words and deeds.

Here is what appears to be a talk with the tongue in his cheek ,”Mr. Erik Solheim in his speech asserted that where he stands on the question of solution is also the position of India, EU, USA, and of a broader Western global community.“It may not be the opinion of Iran or Pakistan or some other forces. But, it is most certainly the opinion of the influential parts of the international community in the United States and Europe,” he said.

How easily and quickly he has forgotten the words he uttered at the opening of the talks at the Royal Hotel in Indonesia in 2002 relishing his accomplishment in bringing the warring parties to talk and settle among themselves(i.e. no outside intervention including that of his). For him to talk now of his stand as similar to that of “India, EU, USA, and of a broader Western global community“ like a good and pious Samaritan is something nobody would have expected from a dutiful Peace Negotiator unless the Word Negotiation has a different meaning than that is found in any English Dictionery.

“Lakshman Kadirgamar was also close to me. I met him at very minimum fifty times, may be one hundred. We had huge number of encounters. I can respect him. He was killed by the LTTE, again in the most brutal fashion. Mr. Solheim laments.

It would be inappropriate if the killings of Kadirgamer, is not discussed since Mr.Solheim too has found it an LTTE killing. If he is doing justice to his impartiality in his role the ruilt must first be established in a court of law, and to this very minute with all its inherent flaws in the delivering of fair justice, the Courts in Sri Lanka have not passed a verdict on this case implicating the LTTE beyond reasonable doubt. At the end of the day we all know that by hook or by crook the LTTE will be convicted. Perhaps Mr.Solheim is aware of it and had passed the verdict himself.

“There have been killings of both sides. Many killings of people very close to me, personally. Joseph Pararajasingham came here. He was my guest. We used to meet with him. He was killed in most brutal fashion even on the day of Cross in the Church of Batticaloa most certainly by the forces of the command of the government,” bemoans Mr.Solheim

But this is not the only case, People who voiced for the rights of the Tamils like Kumar Ponnampalam, Members of Parliament Ms. Ravi Raj , Kanagaratnam , Parameswaran were all gunned down in broad daylight in tight security conditions. The main purpose of these killings was to silence the legitimate political claims of the Tamils. Had the lives of these people were spared Mr.Solheim would not have dared to offer the advices he has now done.

However, one would not do justice if no sympathy is shown to Mr.Solheim and share the pain with him. But who is to be blamed for the plight of the Tamils today?, was it for the fault of his or of his stars? Let us now have a glance at the Terms of the Historical Cease Fire Agreement his first life time achievement in the war of Genocide.

Clause 1.8 Tamil paramilitary groups shall be disarmed by the GoSL by D-day + 30 at

the latest. The GoSL shall offer to integrate individuals in these units under the

command and disciplinary structure of the GoSL armed forces for service away from

the Northeastern Province.

 Clause 2.1 The Parties shall in accordance with international law abstain from hostile

acts against the civilian population.

 Clause 2.2 & 2.3 & 2.4 Public buildings occupied by either party shall be vacated by

D-day + 30 and returned to their intended use.

 Clause 2.5 Parties shall review the security measures and the set up of checkpoints,

particularly in densely populated areas in order to introduce systems that will prevent

harassment of civilians. Such systems shall be in place from D-day + 60.

 Clause 2.12 The Parties agree that search operations and arrests under the Prevention

of Terrorism Act shall not take place as of D-day + 90.

It’s time that Mr.Solheim reviewed the extent to which the Cease Fire Monitoring Mission was sincere in enforcing the terms agreed and why and how it was abandoned. Now at least Mr. Solheim could tell us and the world if he really want to as to who had failed whom ?

Here is another glimpse of his thoughts,”Let me give an example from my time when I was a peace broker there. An Indian gentleman, General Nambiar, was asked by the Sri Lankan government to give advise on how the so-called High Security Zone could be handled. Nambiar is the brother of Ban ki-Moon’s number two in the UN system: with other words, a very central Indian. Nambiar composed a report. His report was immediately dismissed by Colombo. It was not directly rejected by the LTTE in an official context. […] And Nambiar left soon the island and nobody heard anything from him afterwards.

This is a vital matter in the peace broking Mr.Solheim was entrusted to do, and so easily he cites this incident where he did nothing on his part nor had he taken the pains to explain what the proposal was and why did Colombo dismiss a proposal made at the Peace talks table? Had Mr.Solheim true to what he as peace Negotiator was sincere, and telling truth now, the world should be told of what went wrong and where it went wrong?

From what has happened since 2002 and now happening to our people in the North and East, after May 2009, Mr.Solheim has to answer lot more questions before venturing to advice the Tamils of the need to toe the lines for their political future. Having played with the lives of hundreds of thousands of Tamils and condemned the livin in eternal hellish slavery, he has the heart to complain that the Tamil Net is writing long articles against him while Colombo calls him a white Tiger. Like most Eelam Tamils , the Tamil Net knows the pangs of wrath anger, suffering and shame every Tamil is carrying with him to time of death. A feeling any Tamil would be proud to share voluntarily.

 Let by gone be by gone. Tell us Mr Solheim what should the Tamils do now ?, Should lie low and die as dirt under a torturous Military Rule ? Are the Fundamental Universal Human Rights a prerogative of the privileged white Tigers and wild lions the Arya Sinhala Buddhists? Is this what the UN and your Gurus expect from the Tamils? Thank God! God is great!


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