Offices of two websites raided by state intelligence apparatus; 7 Journalists and two staff arrested; 6 computers confiscated

Posted in PRESS RELEASE by ustamil on June 29, 2012


This morning around 11.45 am around 25 offices from police intelligence arms, namely Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Colombo Crime Division (CCD) raided two popular tri lingual news and opinion web site operated form Colombo. They are and . Both Sri Lanka Mirror and SriLankaXnews are read by tens of thousands of readers daily.

Sri Lanka Mirror is registered with the information ministry and SriLankaXnews is the official web site of the opposition United National Party. Both of offices we located at 71, Ferry road, Athul Kotte, Kotte, a suburb of Colombo.

Police has obtained a court order to search the premises of both web sites. But the acting police spokesperson Sanjeewa Madawatta has told Yukthiya web site that he dose not have any knowledge of the raid and reasons for it.

Police has surrounded the residence of Mr. Ruwan Ferdinanz, current editorial director of the Sri Lanka X news and former editorial director of the Sri Lanka Mirror and has demanded that he surrender his laptop computer to them. By the time he has left the residence.

The journalists arrested are being questioned at the notorious 4th floor of the Criminal Investigation Department. They are:

  1. Mr.Kalum Shwantha Rodrigu – Editor SriLanka Mirror
  2. Ms.Shiwanthi Manawadu 0 Weekend editor, SriLanka Mirror
  3. Ms.Himashi Karunarathan, Features editor, SriLanka Mirror
  4. Ms.Tarindu Rajapaksha, Feature writer, SriLanka Mirror
  5. Mr.Ajith senavirathna, Photo journalist, SriLanka Mirror
  6. Mr.Zidick Kariyappa, editor, Tamil section, Sri Lanka X news
  7. Mr.J. Subash Jayawardana, Journalist , Feature writer, Sri Lanka X news

NfR alert 29.062012 SLM and X news premisses raided, Js arrested.pdf


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